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The cover of Cécile and Marie-Grace's Just For Fun.

Cécile and Marie-Grace's Just For Fun was a Just For Fun book that focused on Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner.

Book Contents

Things to Make

  • Make a Mask
  • Bookmarks
  • Draw Argos
  • Quote Notes
  • Draw Cochon
  • Make a Paper Chandelier
  • Make a Storage Box
  • Make Petite Pecan Pies

Games to Play

  • Making Market Board Game
  • "Marie-Grace, May I?"
  • Masquerade
  • Word Race
  • New Orleans Concentration
  • There's a Parrot in the Parlor!
  • Dominoes
  • Me and You

Puzzles to Solve

  • Curly Crossword
  • Pleased to Meet You
  • French Lesson
  • French Quarter Street Search
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Papa's Wise Words
  • A Night at the Theater
  • Philip's Maze
  • Mathilde's Gift
  • Mississippi Maze
  • Sticker Sodoku
  • Call for a Carriage
  • Music Makers
  • Costume Word Search
  • What's the Difference?
  • Cathedral Scramble
  • In the Garden
  • Maze to the Stage
  • Where's Argos?