The Bowling Party Outfit as seen on Just Like You 16.

The Bowling Party Outfit was an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2003 and retired in 2005. Retail cost was $26.


Blue collared shirt. Lavender piping around hem band, cuffs of short sleeves, and single pocket. Collar and pocket upper band are of lavender fabric. Four lavender buttons up front. Small embroidered purple logo on pocket.


Knee length box pleated skort. Fabric is a bias (diagonal) plaid of lavender and purple on blue. Pleats are pressed so the skirt hangs straight.


Plain white ankle socks.


Silver bowling shoes with lavender side panels and white laces. Flat grey rubber soles.

Ponytail Holders

Two lavender hair ties, each with two lavender plastic balls as decoration. These are displayed as securing the ends of double braids.

Bowling Ball

Iridescent lavender-and-blue doll sized bowling ball. Attaches to a lavender and white plastic wrist grip so doll can hold it.


Three white plastic doll-sized bowling pins. Blue zigzag stripe around neck of each pin.


Silver and lavender bowling bag. Purple side/top panel with black zipper. Triangular lavender panel with black "Bowling Club" text and graphic of a bowling ball hitting pins (these are the same colors as the ball and pins in the set).

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