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The Boutique Decor Set in an Illuma-Room.

The Boutique Decor Set was an American Girl Minis accessory set. It was part of the Petite Boutique room. The set was released in 2002 and retired in 2003. Retail cost was $34.


Silver tin patterned ceiling.


Linoleum-style floor. Tile panels in green, beige, light blue, and dark blue.

Wall Panels

Three reversible wall panels. Panels are blue on one side and light green on the other side. Each has a pattern of squares in varying sizes and coordinating colors.

Details of door and magnetic panels.

Crown Molding

Three sets of beige plastic crown molding.

Baseboard Trim

Three sets of beige plastic baseboards.


Door with reversible coral and blue coloring. Beige trim. Silver ridged decorative piece at bottom of door. Small mail slot at bottom of door. Oval ridged window in door shows backdrop.

Door Backdrop

Reversible door backdrop that shows daytime and evening city scenes.

Door Handle

Silver magnetic door handle.


Bell that can hang on door handle.

Open/Closed Sign

Reversible sign to show whether store is open or closed.

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