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The Books and Supplies.

The Books and Supplies were introduced to Josefina's Collection in 1997 and retired in about 2003. It is associated with the book Josefina Learns a Lesson. Retail cost was $14.


Spanish Speller (silabario). The front is an image with various items, and words in Spanish alongside in two columns and a paragraph at the bottom. The back has English translations of the front.


Leather covered ledger. Closes with knotted cord attached to cover and through front flap hole. Twelve pages sewn book style to back cover. First pages document data on the Montoyas' weaving plans and Andres Montoya's signature--first in Spanish, then with English translation. Rest of pages blank.


Green glass inkwell. Removable cork closure.

Quill Pen[]

White quill.


Notebook (cuaderno). Faux brown suede cover with green ribbon bookmark. All pages are written on, with sayings and riddles, along with signatures for Francisca Montoya and Josefina Montoya. First pages are in Spanish, with English translations in second half.