Book Bag and Supplies.

The Book Bag and Supplies (also called Kit's School Supplies) were introduced to Kit's Collection in 2000 and retired in 2017. They are associated with the book Kit Learns a Lesson. Retail cost is $28.

Book Bag

Black faux-leather book bag. Black straps with metal buckles and functional metal clasp.


Green writing tablet with black lining. Black stylized picture of two students at desk. Black diagonal text reads "Class Days."

Geography book

Blue geography book. Truncated version of Carpenter's New Geographical Reader: North America with the first seven chapters (numbered differently).


Tan multiplication chart. Black fancy border. Goes from two times up to thirteen times tables.


Red pencil box. Picture of three dogs on red diamonds on blue background. "Just Pals" on top part of clasp. Functional button clasp. Opens to pink dotted lining and two rectangular compartments.


Six plastic crayons: black, brown, blue, green, yellow, and red with matching diamond wrappers. Crayons do not write, though the first edition had functioning wax crayons.


Wooden ruler. Marked to seven inches (not to scale).


Two yellow functional pencils.


Cream colored gum eraser. Does not erase.


Red nib pen.

Pupil's Report

Blank pupil's report card in brown paper envelope.

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