The Boho Chic Collector Doll.

The Boho Chic Collector Doll (also known as the 2020 American Girl Boho Chic Collector Doll) is a Truly Me doll and outfit set released in 2020 in partnership with Swarovski.

The one of a kind doll was auctioned off via Bidding For Good, with all proceeds to go to First Responders Children's Foundation. Bidding was from November 17th through the 25th, with bidding starting at $5000 and final sale cost of the doll at $180,200 when bidding concluded.


The doll is similar to Just Like You 83.







  • Due to the exclusivity of the design, the dress is not removable from the doll.
  • According to advertising, the outfit has 2,200 hand-applied blue and silver Swarovski crystals and crystal beads done by Swarovski couturiers for twenty hours.
  • The doll was placed on display at American Girl Place Los Angeles until December 10th.


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