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Blaire is the first book about Blaire Wilson. It is included with the doll and is available separately.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Checking In

Chapter Two: Super Scrumptious

Chapter Three: My New Normal

Chapter Four: Cute Little Stinkers

Chapter Five: Best Idea Ever

Chapter Six: Sneaky Stuff

Chapter Seven: Please Say Yes

Chapter Eight: Impossible Invitations

Chapter Nine: Operation Barn Renovation

Chapter Ten: The Event Planner

Chapter Eleven: Wedding Planning Is Life

Chapter Twelve: Experiments

Chapter Thirteen: So Farm-Like

Chapter Fourteen: Not Romantic at All

Chapter Fifteen: Cropped Out

Chapter Sixteen: Dress Request

Chapter Seventeen: Fairly Disappointing

Chapter Eighteen: Pressure

Chapter Nineteen: Apologies

Chapter Twenty: Wherefore Out Thou, Cat?

Chapter Twenty One: Racing Against the Clock

Chapter Twenty Two: Sharing This Moment

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