The Princess Set.

The Princess Set is a Bitty Baby outfit released in 2005 and retired in 2007. Retail cost was $24.


Lavender and light blue empire waist dress with princess seams. Center panel and upper sleeves of blue-and-lavender print. Lower split sleeves of blue chiffon. Blue bows at sleeves. Silver braid trim down seams at front. Velcros at back.


Blue-and-lavender print cone-style "princess hat" (a hennin) with chiffon and elastic chin strap. Silver trim. Bitty Baby Logo embroidered on front.


Blue-and-lavender drawstring purse. "Princess" on blue satin panel with silver embroidery and purple crown. Silver trim at bottom.


Silver soft-soled slippers.


Small blue cape. Silver trim and collar. Silver back attached to collar is pointed to resemble crown on a Bitty Animal.


Princess Bitty Bear coloring book.

Dress Like Your Doll

PrincessOutfit girls

Girls' Costume

The girl's outfit was available for a cost of $49.


  • The outfit is exactly the same one as the girl's princess gown that was included in the Bitty Twins Royalty Outfits, without the inclusion of the purse and cape.
  • This outfit is one of the few that was advertised with a Bitty Animal other than Bitty Bear, instead primarily being paired with Bitty Froggy.
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