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Bitty Kitty and book.

Bitty Kitty is a Bitty Baby accessory and a spin-off of the original Bitty Bear. She (advertised as female) was released in 2002 and retired in 2008. Retail cost was $12.

Bitty Kitty

Gray and white plush kitten. Stands five inches tall. Has posable arms, legs, and head. Gray body with white ears, mouth, stomach, hands, and feet. Embroidered black eyes. Embroidered pink nose and mouth with clear whiskers attached. Purple bow on neck.


Bitty Kitty's Family Album: Board book with mirror on back page.


Bitty Kitty was featured in the following sets:

  • Bitty Tees Gift Bag II


Bitty Kitty's birthday is October 8th.[1]

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