Bitty Bear.

Bitty Bear was a five-inch tall teddy bear that was originally sold with Bitty Baby with the release of the line in 1995 and retired in 2013 with the line's revamping. She (as the character was marketed as female) was also available separately for $12.

Bitty Bear came with the book Bitty Bear's Family Album which was originally sold with Bitty Baby; she had a pink bow around the neck and was jointed at arms and legs with thread knots. Originally Bitty Baby's outfits came with small accessories for Bitty Bear to wear; these were eventually phased out.

In 2013, Bitty Bear was retired along with the the Bitty Bear books.

Other Bitty Animals

Other Bitty animals were released later on. They can, for the most part, wear the same accessories that Bitty Bear wears.

Each of these are available with a family album reflecting their families. At one point the Bitty Bunch were given clothing and play sets. All but Bitty Bear were retired in 2009.

Outfits and Playsets

A few outfits and playsets were released that were not tied to the Bitty Baby outfits:

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