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Bitty's Washer and Dryer Set I.

Bitty's Washer and Dryer Set is a Bitty Baby accessory playset released in 2016 and retired in 2023. Retail cost was $150.

Washer/Dryer Shelves[]

Dimensions are 18.5" wide x 23" high x 13.7" deep. White washer on the bottom stacked with a white dryer on top. Each has a door that opens. Washer door has pink accents and a graphic of soap bubbles on the clear door. Washer has pink door that opens to show two compartments- one for softener and one for soap. Each has a sticker inside it with a label. Softener sticker is pink and soap sticker is blue with bubble graphics. Pink and white dial on left side of washer. Dryer also has a pink and white dial on left side. Dryer door has blue lines to indicate drying. Dial on right side with "low," "medium," and "high" settings with a gray dial. Labels are purple, pink, and dark pink. Bitty Baby logo is on the bottom left side of both the washer and dryer.

Opposite side of shelves have cupboards for storage. Pink, white, and purple tones. Purple rod for hangers. Short sides of unit have a fold-down ironing board on one side and a chalkboard and hanging rod on opposite side. Ironing board is purple and has pink, yellow, white, and dark pink floral patterns. Chalkboard has purple frame and chalk art graphics on board with a to-do list. Hanging fabric hanger below chalkboard.

Detergent Bottle[]

White detergent bottle with green cap. Pink sticker with blue bubbles and "Detergent" written in pink font.

Starch Spray Bottle[]

White starch spray bottle with pink, dark pink, and white sprayer cap. Light green label with butterfly graphic and "Starch Spray" written in pink font.


Shelf side.

Dryer Sheets[]

White plastic container with pink lid. "Dryer Sheets" sticker label on side. Cloth dryer sheet attached.

Laundry Basket[]

Pink hamper with polka dots.


Hanging purple fabric hanger with pouch for clothes. Light pink, dark pink, yellow, and white floral pattern. Purple trim.


White and pink toy iron hanger. Yellow switch on top.


Two pink plastic hangers and two purple hangers. All have the Bitty Baby logo on it.

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