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Kit's Birthday Outfit (2023 edition).

The Birthday Dress and Headband (also known as Kit's Birthday Outfit) was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2001 and retired in 2015; the set was rereleased and retired in 2023. It is associated with the book Happy Birthday, Kit!. Retail cost was $20 and later increased to $24; the 2023 retail cost was $38.


Light green print wrap front dress with short sleeves; knee length. Cream cuffs and collar. Print of small flowers and circles. Dark green piping trim at sleeves, collar, and front. Matching attached belt. Three white nonfunctional buttons. Snaps at front and belt.

The 2023 version has white cuffs and collar, the front wrap does not unwrap (and so has no snaps), the belt is attached, and the dress closes along the back with velcro.



The Birthday Dress and Headband (2001 edition).

Dark green tie on headband.


These were added for the 2023 version. Ivory Mary Jane-style shoes with a velcro strap. Black soles. These are similar to the ones sold with Kit's Summer Dress.


  • In the book, Aunt Millie makes this dress for Kit using an emptied chicken-feed sack. Kit is especially grateful for it because she has outgrown all of her old spring clothes and has had to wear her woolen winter clothes even on warm days.
  • Mrs. Kittredge makes this dress for Ruthie as well as Kit in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.