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The Birthday Cookout displayed on the Patio Furniture.

The Birthday Cookout was an American Girl of Today accessory set released in 1996 and retired in 1998(?). Retail cost was $28.


Two hamburgers. Each contains two buns, lettuce/pickles, and the beef patty. The top buns have molded indents that match the lettuce layer. The lettuce layer has three pickle slices molded on top. The beef patty itself has black grill marks on one side and ketchup and mustard on the other.

Tortilla Chip Bags

Two yellow, red, and white inflated and sealed tortilla chip bags. Bags advertise low fat tortilla chips with sunflower seeds. The back has nutrition facts and also says "Ingredients: Nothing because these are imaginary tortilla chips." The back also has a small American Girl of Today logo printed on it.


Two rubbery plastic slices of watermelon. Melon part is translucent plastic.


Four plastic plates in light blue, dark blue, yellow, and pink translucent shades.


Four tumblers in the same shades as the plates.


Four plastic twirly straws in purple, yellow, neon pink, and green.


Four forks and four spoons in colors that match dishware.


Four white cloth napkins. Each has a rainbow diagonal print pattern with rows of the American Girl of Today logo girl holding hands.


Plastic ketchup container. Attached lid can pop off.


Plastic mustard container. Attached lid can pop off.


Tall purple metal pitcher with handle.


  • This set was advertised with the American Grill. The grill itself did not come with any food.