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The Birthday Collections are Historical Character sub-collections that consist of tie-ins to the Birthday Books for the Historical Characters The items includes are fairly consistent from Felicity Merriman through Julie Albright in order of chronological setting; because Kaya'aton'my does not celebrate her birthday in the same way, her collection is necessarily different.

Through the first six characters, the collections had similar traits; most prominently, the sets included a table and chairs set and serving dishes that served as a glimpse into a standard dining, patio, or kitchen table style. The character's pet would also be included, often being given as a gift to the character or significant to the story.[1]

Through Josefina Montoya) the Birthday Collections could be purchased as a single collection, which included everything but the doll.

Contents of the Birthday Collections

List of Birthday Collections

Because Kaya's collection is unique, it has not been separated by story. See Kaya's Collection.


  1. Samantha was not given a pet tied to her birthday collection at first and instead received her teddy bear. Jip was later released.