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Betrayal at Cross Creek is the twenty-second and final book in the History Mysteries series.


  • Elspeth Monroe
  • Mercy Blair
  • Grannie
  • "Grandda" Angus MacKinnon
  • Robbie
  • Duncan
  • Mistress Blair
  • Mr. Blair
  • Murdock MacLeod
  • Mr. Pigeon
  • Jennet MacRacken
  • Tall Tam MacRacken
  • Alasdair MacKay
  • Red John MacKay
  • Aunt Mary
  • Maggie Gunn

Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Betrayed

Chapter Two: Home Away from Home

Chapter Three: Not Content with Threats

Chapter Four: The Stranger in the Woods

Chapter Five: Difficult Choices

Chapter Six: Unexpected Discovery

Chapter Seven: Shattered

Chapter Eight: Jennet's Tale

Chapter Nine: The Muster

Chapter Ten: Captured or Dead

Chapter Eleven: The Design Comes Clear

Epilogue: A New Home

A Peek Into the Past

Glossary of Gaelic Words

Glossary of Scot-English Words