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Bennett is Molly McIntire's dog.


In the Books

Happy Birthday, Molly!: A Springtime Story

Bennett is gifted to Molly the same time Emily Bennett receives Yank. He is named after Emily and is a Jack Russell terrier.

Molly's Puppy Tale

In Molly's Collection

The Mattel version of Bennett.

Bennett (originally sold as A Playful Pup) was introduced to Molly's Collection in 1987, updated by 2000, and retired in 2013 with Molly's archival.

Retail price for the Mattel version was $16 and later raised to $20. He could also be bundled with Yank the Dog for $32.

Mattel Version

White stuffed dog with brown spots integrated into the design. Originally came with a removable red ribbon leash and a collar tag with the letter B.

Later versions did not include the leash.

Pleasant Company Version

Pre-Mattel Bennett.

The Pre-Mattel/Pleasant Company version was sold for $18.

This was a hard form dog wrapped in rabbit fur with a visible tongue and dye-added spots. It had a non-removable plastic collar and a red plastic leash.