Ben Walker is the father of Addy Walker. She refers to him as "Poppa."


  • Name: Ben Walker
  • First Appearance: Meet Addy



Poppa is a strong, brave man. He works hard to protect and care for his family. He is a skilled carpenter. His dreams keep the family alive. He is a proud, determined man, who knows what he wants and sticks to it. He addresses Addy as a "smart girl".

In The Books

Meet Addy: An American Girl

Poppa was the carpenter on the Stevens plantation. He is the one with the plans to run the family north to freedom--watching Addy suffering hurts him and he wants his family to be free. He and Sam are sold, however. Addy is crushed at losing her father and brother. With him and Sam gone, Addy and Momma can't take Esther when they run away as they can't carry her.

Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Poppa walks in during the shadow play, and Addy bolts to him. He cries when Addy reads the note Mrs. Ford leaves, because she can read.

Happy Birthday, Addy!: A Springtime Story

Poppa finds a busted ice cream maker in the trash. He fixes it and says Addy can use it to make ice cream when she chooses her own special day for her birthday. When she chooses April 9, he invites everybody in the boarding house to her tenth birthday party.

Addy Saves The Day: A Summer Story

He, Ruth, and Addy all work on the garden to help bring Sam and Esther home. He plans a trip to head south to look for Sam and Esther.

Changes for Addy: A Winter Story

Poppa is overjoyed when Addy brings home Esther and Auntie Lula.

Addy Studies Freedom

Addy's Wedding Quilt

Ben and Ruth get remarried in freedom.

Addy's Little Brother

Addy's Summer Place

Poppa is working on the railroad at Cape Island and brings Momma, Esther, and Addy out to visit.

High Hopes for Addy

Shadows on Society Hill

Addy: An American Girl Story