Bedtime Collections are sub-collections that consist dominantly of nightclothes and/or night accessories for Historical Characters. The central piece of the collection is sleeping clothing and a bed with bedding. Several dolls also had additional night clothing of a robe and slippers. Accessories originally included a night stand and bedtime accessories; until Kaya each doll also had a bedtime book as part of the accessories.

While items were not specifically tied to any singular book in a character's Central Series, they were displayed prominently through the stories until the BeForever revamp.

Storage was also included in these collections for the clothing and accessories. Until Kaya'aton'my, each doll had a storage resembling a standard trunk or cabinet. Julie Albright has storage but since it is a school locker it is more often associated with her school collection.

Contents of the Bedtime Collections

List of Bedtime Collections

Because Kaya's collection is unique, it has not been separated by story. See Kaya's Collection.

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