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Beach Pajamas and Slippers (2023 Edition.)

The Beach Pajamas and Slippers (also known as Kit's Pajamas and Slippers, Kit's Beach Pajamas and Slippers, and Kit's Beach Pajamas) were introduced to Kit's Collection in 2000 and retired in 2011; the set was rereleased in 2023. Retail cost was $20 and later increased to $24; the 2023 edition is $38.


Sleeveless one piece sailor style pajamas. White bodice with blue sailor collar and attached knot. Blue satin trim on armholes; white trim on collar. Pocket on left side with three flags: I, L and U in international maritime signal flags. (This is marketed as meaning "I Love You.") Blue satin bell bottom legs. Two small nonfunctional buttons near front sides. White satin hems on legs. Velcros up the back.



Beach Pajamas and Slippers (2000 Edition.)

Red leather slippers. Red trim and red pom-pom.


Red satin hair ribbon.

Dress Like Your Doll[]

KitBeachPajamas girls

Children's pajamas.

The children's pajamas were available for $38 and later $39.

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