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Bathroom Vanity

The Bathroom Vanity is a My American Girl accessory set released in 2010 and retired in 2014. Retail cost was $68.


White plastic vanity with blue plastic top. Wavy base with three open shelves on left side and a functional drawer on top of them. Two large functional drawers on right. Light blue handles on drawers. Star outline molded into drawer designs. Blue countertop. Translucent blue bowl sink with metal faucet next to bowl. Faucet can make water sound. Back of unit has molded tile front and a circular mirror with two white and silver lights on either side of it. Lights are functional. Wall has a small towel rack as well as a holder that can fit cup and toothbrush.

Vanity measures 18" high x 12.25" wide x 5.25" deep. Uses three AAA batteries.


Orange plastic cup that can fit in holder attached to wall.


White toothpaste container. Light blue star graphic on it. "Toothpaste" is written on it in cursive writing.


Pink toothbrush with white faux bristles.


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