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A Bald Doll, Just Like You 71.

Bald Dolls (or Dolls Without Hair) are an official and unofficial modification where a modern doll is sold or customized to not have an attached wig.

American Girl officially states that the dolls were released through them "for [children] affected by cancer, alopecia, or any medical condition causing hair loss."

Purchasing Dolls[]


A bald doll as offered through AG initially.

Bald dolls originally were not visually seen at stores and could only be purchased by ordering over the phone through Customer Service. Various options such as skin tone and eye color were available, and there was no additional cost over standard purchase cost of a modern doll. American Girl offered variant face and skin tone combinations. People could additionally send a current Truly Me doll in to have her sent back without hair. The back of the heads, unlike the standard AG heads, are fully smooth and dolls arrive with extra padding behind the heads to prevent scratches or damage in transit.

Starting in 2017, American Girl gave four of the dolls available official connection to the Truly Me Line as the numbers #70, #71, #72, and #73, which were dressed in the current modern meet outfit. Two were released as #105 and #114 with the redesign in 2022, and come in selected meet outfits (as each female doll has one of five). Other dolls potentially remain available by calling in for unique combinations.

With the launch of the Create Your Own line, bald dolls were originally included in the various combinations available; this has since been removed.

Customer Modification[]

While a standard doll can have the wig removed manually by a purchaser as is done as the first step of rewigging, there is a raised ring of plastic on the back of the doll's head that would have to be smoothed, filed off, or otherwise hidden.

Attaching Hair and Head Replacements[]

Dolls can be rewigged with any fitting wig to add hair.

Previously, one free head replacement was available through the American Girl Hospital at any time (which was explained in paperwork included with the purchased doll) and could be chosen from any of the matching available molds and hairstyles. As of June 2024 (per the Doll Care Center) the offer is no longer available and getting a replacement head has the same cost as any other head replacement. Exceptions may be possible if the doll owner still has the purchasing paperwork and exchange certificate but the program itself has been discontinued.