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Baking Accessories II

The Baking Accessories II are a My American Girl accessory set released in 2010 and retired in 2013. Retail cost was $28.


Doll apron with lime top, blue polka dot bottom. Two functional pockets with red ribbon trim. Flower detailing and A(star)G logo on lime bodice. All around red ribbon Velcro in back. Lime tie around back of neck.

Wooden Spoon

Plastic tan spoon with smooth handle, textured bowl.

Mixing Bowl

Sky blue bowl with spout, white inside. Handle on side, can be held by doll.


Lime green quilted hot pad with red hem. Smaller piece of quilted lime green fabric with red hem stitched on to help doll hold it. Red AG star on corner. Little loop for hanging on baking table.


Lime green quilted mitt with red detailing, red AG star on bottom, and the mitt fits on doll's right hand. Little loop for hanging on baking table.

Icing Bag

White leathery squishy bag with gray tip on end.


Two doll sized bottles of faux sprinkles.


White chevron-textured towel with red polkadot design on bottom. A(star)G on bottom in lime green. Bird embroidered on bottom right.

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