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Backpack and Laptop.

The Backpack and Laptop is a Just Like You accessory set introduced in 2002 and retired in 2004. Retail cost was $32.


Blue and grey backpack. Blue body with side pockets, two main pockets, and top strap. Grey quilted back and shoulder straps; straps are adjustable. Front grey pocket has laced berry bungee cords with berry clasp. Zipper closures with berry bungee loops in zipper pulls. "American Girl" in grey over berry star embroidered over front pocket.


White and berry-colored plastic laptop organizer. White top has berry center with imbedded five-point star with Girl of Today logo. Bottom is all white. Berry front button claps to open. Interior has a faux touch pad and functional modified QWERTY keyboard layout. Right side has slide out faux CD-Rom tray. Runs on two 1.5v LR44 batteries.


Two CD-Rom discs with silver trim and mirrored back:

* Lime, "Music"
* Blue, "Biology"

Dress Like Your Doll[]

BungeeBackpack girls

Bungee Backpack.

The child-sized backpack was available for a cost of $38.

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