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Back-to-School Set.

The Back-to-School Set was a Just Like You accessory set released in 2008 and retired in 2010. Retail cost was $26.


Purple and olive green canvas backpack. Main body is purple with olive base. Olive straps with black cords; left strap has attached Black cord access hole at center top. Outside has small top zipper pocket, front pocket with zipper, and main body zipper; zippers are purple with star pulls. Front pocket has embroidery of pink outlined leaves, olive green vines, and green flowers with pink centers. Black mesh pocket on right side.

Interior has black plastic clip and black mesh pocket accessed through zipper, and additional rectangular pocket on back.

ID Tag[]

Purple canvas ID tag. Clear plastic cover. Black strap loop to attach to backpack.

Water Bottle[]

Library Card[]

Light purple cardstock library card. Front has American Girl logo in white with Public Library Card in purple underneath and pink simulated barcode and butterfly logo on white background. Back has white signature space, purple text of Present this card each time you borrow materials. Beneath is American Girl logo with Public Library after it; beneath is 100 First Street, Pleasantville, USA.


Purple three-holed notebook. Cover has multicolored hearts. Interior pages have faint yellow heart print.


Green three-ring binder. Pink American Girl abbreviated logo printed vertically on lower right front of cover. Plastic purple inner rings.


Miniature versions of the books A Smart Girl's Planner and School Smarts: Homework Survival Guide.

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