Aurélia Rey is the mother of Cécile Rey; Cécile refers to her as "Maman".



Aurélia is a businesswoman who owns and manages several houses and property left by her parents, indicating she and Octavia may have come from a well-to-do family. While she can be stern to Cécile and expects her to be ladylike, she does have a playful side and can be nonchalant about certain etiquette within the Rey household.

Aurélia and Octavia were orphaned in their youth and taken in by Sister Beatrice sometime before Aurélia's marriage to Jean-Claude. Aurélia's father was a friend of Grand-père, which is how she met Jean-Claude.[1]

In the Books

Meet Cécile

Aurélia is described has having fair skin compared to her daughter Cécile and sister Octavia, who have "golden brown" skin. She and Octavia have "the same long, straight nose, dark almond eyes, and thick black hair." She is thrilled when she learns that her son Armand will return from Paris three months early, and she paints his room, arranges for new clothing, and plans to offer his favorite foods. When Armand returns, she is thrilled to see him and does not reprimand her daughter for running to meet his boat. Aurélia is also religious; she suggests that the family stop at the cathedral for a prayer of thanksgiving before returning home.

Troubles for Cécile

Cécile's Gift

The Cameo Necklace


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