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The Asian Face Mold was the third face mold created for the American Girl Doll line. It was released in 1995, retired in 2011, and only used for Just Like You 4.


The most distinguishing characteristic of the Asian face mold are the perceivably thinner and tilted eye sockets that are intended to visually direct a doll's ethnicity as East Asian. The nose is wider than the Classic Mold, although not as wide as the Addy Mold or Sonali Mold. The mold has a rounded chin and full cheeks.The ears of this mold are also slightly more detailed to that of the classic mold.

The comparison of ear shape between the Asian Mold and a Classic Mold doll (#5).

This mold ties with the Marie-Grace Mold, Nanea Mold, Makena Mold, and Corinne Mold for the least amount of use, with use on a single doll (as after release, the Jess Mold became the dominant mold in use for East-Asian directed dolls).

Dolls with the Asian mold

American Girl of Today, Just Like You, and My American Girl


  • This was the first face mold to be completely retired by American Girl, followed by the Marie-Grace Mold.