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The Ashlyn Doll.

The Ashlyn WellieWishers doll was released in 2016 and updated in 2021.

Ashlyn Doll

  • Skin: Medium
There are freckles on the sides of the nose and to the sides under the eyes.
  • Hair: Brown, straight, hip length, center part, bangs
  • Eyes: Brown

First Meet Outfit

The Ashlyn doll (2016 - 2021).


Pink floral print cap-sleeved top. Print of pink abstract flowers and dots on white background. Peter pan collar. Front panel on bodice has yellow criss-crossed ribbon sewn in with lower yellow bow. WellieWishers logo tag on left side seam. Velcros up the back.


Pink tiered tulle skirt. Three pink tulle layers, each trimmed at bottom with yellow ribbon. Pink satin polyester underskirt. Back center seam. Gold glittery stretch elastic waistband.


Pink plastic molded tiara. Three hearts--one large center upright, two to either side--with curved lines. Above center heart is a molded frame around a while plastic gemstone in a diamond style cut. Molded beads around hearts and band.


Pink knit panties. Plain edge on legs. White elastic waistband.


Pink lace and glitter "wellies" (boots). Lace imprint at top edge. Bottoms have gold glitter imprinted mary-jane style "shoes." Lined with white netting for stain prevention. Slit open on the back for ease of removal/wear; no closure.

Second Meet Outfit

The Ashlyn doll (2021 - present).





The panties are unchanged from previous.


The wellies are unchanged from previous.

Dress Like Your Doll

The matching children's outfit was available. The shirt and skirt retired in 2019.

  • Shirt: $26
  • Skirt: $28
  • Socks: $20[1]
  • Wellies: $26


  • Ashlyn shows the most changes from prototype images to final release. Prerelease/prototype images show the following:
The boots originally had an allover lace-like pattern
The tiara originally was a transparent dark pink with sparkles.
The shirt had a lace overlay instead of print.
The skirt was a paler pink tone.


  1. The socks are part of a set and unavailable as a separate purchase.