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Archibald Beemis is a close friend and later husband to Mary Edwards, Samantha Parkington's grandmother.


Archibald (often called "Archie" by Grandmary) was the best friend of William Edwards, Samantha's grandfather. He has blue eyes and his hair is now white from age.

Archibald and Grandmary met over thirty years ago[2], likely sometime near her marriage to William. He was an admiral in the Navy and so knows not only ship captains, but has Admiral as a title. He initially lived in England, and after William's death continued to visit Grandmary every summer--in part to subtly court her, as every summer he proposes to Grandmary but says no; he tries again the next year. Still, Grandmary says that summer does not truly start until he arrives.

In the time between Samantha Saves the Day and Changes for Samantha, he and Mary Edwards finally marry in Fall of 1905. Because of this, Samantha initially goes to live with her aunt and uncle, Gardner and Cornelia Edwards; later, she lives with them permanently.

Samantha says he has a laugh like a happy donkey. Agnes Pitt says he's the best grown up she's met, and he's not afraid of anything, not bossy, and knows interesting things.

In The Books[]

Samantha Saves the Day: A Summer Story[]

Samantha's Ocean Liner Adventure[]

The Stolen Sapphire[]

The Cry of the Loon[]

Archibald Beemis commissions an artist, Arthur Porterfield, to paint three pictures as a birthday present to Grandmary.

Clue in the Castle Tower[]

Danger in Paris[]

The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha[]

Samantha: Lost and Found[]

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday[]


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