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Après-Ski Gear (2001 version).

The Après-Ski Gear (also known as the Cast and Crutches Set) is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 1997, modified in 2001, and retired in 2002. It was initially paired with the Après-Ski Wear. Retail cost was $20.


Yellow plastic leg cast. Molded to resemble wrapped plaster. Interior lined with fleece. Cast is hinged to open and place on doll's foot and clicks shut.

Signatures on front of cast:

  • Tough break! Cara (green)
  • a dog's head drawing and Ashley (purple)
  • a cat's head drawing and Cool Cast / Cat! (blue)
  • get well soon / Emily with a face drawn using the two Os in "soon" (pink)
  • Ski You Later / Elizabeth with a happy face over the I in "ski" (purple)


Two silver metal underarm crutches. Grey rubber underarm pads, handles, and foot stopper.


Turquoise plastic thermos. Purple base. Purple attached woven carry strap. Removable lid with American Girl of Today girl logo on top and molded handle. Removable internal purple cap.

While it does not function as a thermos, it does open completely and could theoretically have liquids placed inside, but this is not recommended due to cleaning difficulty.

Spinning Disc Toy[]

Spinning disc toy. Three pieces: silver shaped metal curved rod, blue spacer/grip with AGoT girl logo, and blue plastic disc with open holes and magnetic center spoke. This is based on the Whee-lo magnetic spinning toy and is functional as a toy.

Paper Discs[]

Two sheets of light cardstock paper discs to decorate disk. First sheet has eight punch out designs (with print bleed over before punched):

  • Magenta, orange, and yellow rings with white starburst spokes.
  • Orange, Yellow, and purple curved spokes on red background
  • Yellow and Red spokes on green background.
  • Six AGoT Girl logos in purple, red, blue, green, hot pink, and yellow on yellow background.
  • Four AGoT Girl logos in red, green, blue and yellow on opposite quarter backgrounds.
  • Ten section rainbow swirl on white background.
  • Rainbow vertically striped with white lines.
  • Magenta, with white starburst spokes.

Second sheet is blank with eight white pop out discs for user to color before removing.

Paper Doll[]

A miniature paper doll of AG Magazine Doll #24 (Sarah Streit) from the Sept-Oct 1996 edition of American Girl Magazine.

Tic-Tac-Toe Game[]

Plastic magenta flip Tic-Tac-Toe game. Tic Tac Toe on top and bottom (reversed) and grid lines in turquoise. Movable flip triangle-shaped pieces with blank, orange O, and lime green X.

This was replaced with the 8 Ball around 2001.

8 Ball[]

Black Magic 8-ball.

This replaced the tic-tac-toe game in the original set.


Paper storage envelope. On the front is the American Girl of Today logo with a border and text reading: Keep your mini paper doll from American Girl Magazine and the special discs for your spinning toy in this envelope.


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