Antonio Montoya is the younger nephew of Josefina Montoya.




In the Books

Meet Josefina: An American Girl

Changes for Josefina: A Winter Story

Antonio and Juan wake Josefina up to tell her that the saints had put treats in their shoes. Antonio's treats are already gone, saying sadly that his shoe was too small. Juan says that Antonio ate his treats too fast but Josefina, knowing what it was like to be so excited and eat the treats all at once instead of saving up, gives him some of her treats. Antonio gets excited about the fiesta, but is discouraged when Clara says it might be cancelled due to the weather. Josefina tries to cheer them up and sends them back to their room they were sharing with their parents. Antonio and Juan are later supposed to sweep up the snow, but end up using their brooms to play with it. Papa mentions they should stop them but Tia Dolores says not to as they were running around in the kitchen asking for cookies repeatedly. Antonio and Juan are excited about their Abuelito and Abuelita coming over to visit, and Abuelita mentions she thinks that the boys should be educated by the priests in Santa Fe. When Josefina and Abuelita were playing games with Antonio and Juan, Abuelita mentions she will miss the boys when she leaves, inspiring Josefina to have Ana go to Santa Fe in Dolores' place.

Again, Josefina!

Secrets in the Hills

The Glowing Heart

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