Annabelle Cole is Elizabeth Cole's older sister.



Annabelle is very snobby, arrogant, and proper to a fault, feeling that everything in England is better than it is in the colonies. She constantly belittles both her younger sister Elizabeth and Felicity Merriman in their classes held together at Miss Manderly's. Annabelle also refers to Elizabeth as "Bitsy", a name which her sister despises.

Annabelle is a fierce Loyalist and believes the Patriot cause is not only wrong, but foolishness. Despite her feelings, she has a crush on Benjamin Davidson, and Felicity and Elizabeth exploit this to make fun of her. They also call her "Banannabelle" behind her back.

Annabelle is sixteen years old in Very Funny, Elizabeth. Initially eager to marry a lord from England, she decides to make a name for herself in the colonies, becoming more assertive and independently-minded.

In the Books

Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Annabelle catches Felicity wearing Mrs. Cole's wig and making fun of Annabelle's crush on Ben. Annabelle refers to the Patriots as "hotheads", which upsets Felicity.

Felicity's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Annabelle helps Mrs. Cole and Elizabeth complete Felicity's blue gown.

Happy Birthday, Felicity!: A Springtime Story

Annabelle plays her new guitar, a gift from her father, and sings, both very badly. Felicity is jealous of the guitar and Annabelle is later jealous of Felicity's guitar. When British officers visit the Cole house, Annabelle offers to play and sing for them.

Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story

Felicity's Dancing Shoes

Annabelle complains that Felicity steps on her toes when they practice dancing at Miss Manderly's.

Felicity's Valentine

Annabelle stays home because she is convinced she will have dozens of gentlemen calling on her and leaving valentines.

Traitor in Williamsburg

Very Funny, Elizabeth

Annabelle is eager to be married and becomes incredibly excited when Mr. and Mrs. Cole announce that Lord Harry and Miss Lacey are visiting from England to arrange a marriage between Annabelle and Lord Harry. Mr. and Mrs. Cole remind her of the practical side of marriage, including leaving Virginia for England and managing a large house, but Annabelle is still eager. Elizabeth plays pranks on Annabelle to make her appear much less proper to Miss Lacey. Annabelle seems intimidated by Miss Lacey and her strict standards, not even correcting Miss Lacey's constant use of incorrect names for her. She is quietly amused when Elizabeth sticks snow into Miss Lacey's wig and mocks her. In the end, Lord Harry and Annabelle mutually agree to break off their engagement. Annabelle finally stands up to Miss Lacey, declaring she doesn't care about becoming "Lady Lacey" anymore and is proud of being herself. Annabelle resolves to stay in the colonies, wanting to think for herself. She develops a kinder disposition and grows closer with Elizabeth.

In the Film

Annabelle's role in the film does not change significantly from the books. However, her family's explicitly stated higher social class adds one more aspect to Annabelle's snobbery and arrogance towards Felicity.

Annabelle is notably indignant upon learning she and Elizabeth will be taking lessons at Miss Manderly's alongside Felicity.

At the Templetons' Christmas ball, Annabelle tries to dance with Benjamin Davidson, having been intentionally misinformed by Elizabeth that he was the son of a very wealthy Loyalist. Ben is unable to dance with Annabelle and she eventually storms off, leaving him on the ballroom floor.

At the end of the movie, Annabelle, Elizabeth, and their parents come to Felicity's house for a New Year's dinner. Annabelle is visibly smiling and enjoying herself, hinting she might be beginning to warm up to Felicity and her family.

Annabelle was played by Juliet Holland-Rose.

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