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Anna Larson is Kirsten Larson's younger cousin.

Personality and Facts

Anna Larson is Kirsten's younger cousin, who is seven during the events of Kirsten Learns a Lesson and eight by the events of Happy Birthday, Kirsten!. It's likely she was born in America.

Anna is cheerful and fanciful, and loves things to be "grand." as well as secrets and surprises. She likes things to be beautiful. She's very positive and optimistic and admires Miss Winston, the teacher at Powderkeg School.

In the Books

Meet Kirsten: An American Girl

When the Larsons arrive at Olav's farm, Lisbeth says that she watched for her every day to which Anna quickly adds that she watched as well. The day after the Larsons arrived at the farm, Anna and Lisbeth show Kirsten their secret fort and ask her to choose a place for her doll.

Kirsten Learns a Lesson: A School Story

On Kirsten's first day in American school, Anna tags behind Lisbeth and Kirsten, calling for them to wait.Lisbeth tells horror stories of Mr. Coogan. When Kirsten begins to look worried, Anna asks if her stomach hurts since her own stomach sometimes hurts when she is scared. Kirsten admits that her stomach hurts a little. Anna sympathizes with her; it is hard to be the new girl.

Anna adds that school will only last till four, and they could play in their fort afterwards. Anna hides their dolls in their secret hideaway under the cherry tree and breaks off some bittersweet, handing Kirsten a few of the waxy berries.Kirsten says that they can use them on their dolls cakes. Before Anna can reply Lisbeth hears the school bell and urges the other two girls to run.

Miss Winston has Kirsten work with Anna to learn how to read and write in English, and Anna proves to be a patient, helpful teacher to Kirsten. Anna takes a liking to Miss Winston and finds school great fun.

Anna is extremely excited by the news that Miss Winston would be living at her house for the winter, and happily wonders what kind of clothes her teacher wore. At her first dinner with Miss Winston, Anna is so fixated on asking about her teacher that she has to be reminded to eat her meal. Miss Winston notes that Anna could become a teacher when she was older, noting the good work she did with Kirsten in school.

Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Anna isn't familiar with Saint Lucia's Day, but is enchanted by Kirsten's description and wishes they had the holiday. When Kristen suggests they have their own surprise and lays out her plan, Anna gets excited enough to stand up and wave her arms. Anna helps make the Saint Lucia crown and plan out the arrangement, finding the whole thing great fun.

Anna stays up with the rest of the family waiting for Kirsten and Papa to return. Anna is surprised that Kirsten wanted to go through with her plan now, but is excited to do so and helps Kirsten prepare and get dressed. She gasps in awe when she sees Kirsten in the costume with the candles lit, saying she looked like an angel.

Happy Birthday, Kirsten!: A Springtime Story

Kirsten Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Anna loudly proclaims that she loves raspberry jelly even more then she loved maple syrup as she helps collect raspberries with Lisbeth, Kirsten and Peter. She and Peter both eat almost as many berries as they collect. Anna is the one to explain the Fourth of July festivities that take place in town, and mentions that the fireworks were her favorite part.

Anna goes with the rest of her family into town for the 4th of July. Inside Mr. Berkhoff's store, she immediately goes over to take a look at the candy display.

Changes for Kirsten: A Winter Story

Kirsten Snowbound!

Kirsten and the Chippewa

During supper, when they talk about the February thaw, Anna bets that it was even colder in Minnesota then it was in Sweden or anywhere in the world. After supper, Anna cleared the dishes from the table and handed them to Kirsten for her to wash.

When the Chippewa trade for the pies and begin to eat, Anna whispers to Kristen her surprise that the pies weren't too hot for them to hold barehanded. When Inger reminds the girls they still had work to finish, Anna stepped boldly among the warriors to pick up the empty pie tin and put it in the wash bucket. Anna giggles when the Youngest Warrior calls Kirsten a raccoon.

That night in bed, Anna holds Kirsten's hand, noting that the Young Warrior really bothered Kirsten. She giggles Kirsten's hands did look like little paws, calling her Miss Raccoon. When Kirsten's feelings are hurt, Anna takes back what she says and explains she was just teasing, like Lisbeth was when she said the eerie howling was Indian war whoops. When Lisbeth admits she wasn't so certain, Anna snuggles against Kirsten's side and squeezes her hand harder.

Kirsten and the New Girl

The Runaway Friend