American Girls Theater Kit.

The American Girls Theater Kit was a theater kit focusing on three Historical Characters: Kirsten Larson, Samantha Parkington, and Molly McIntire. It was released in 1991 and retired in 1994, and was also part of the Portfolios of Pastimes collection.


The kit came in an envelope, tucked in such a way as to fully contain its components and tied shut with an attached maroon ribbon.

Four half-sized script books contained the full text of the three plays, done in five acts (three acts for Molly's play). The last page in the scripts included acting tips such as speaking clearly and stage presence. Each play was written in such a way as to be able to be performed in roughly twenty minutes and could include a ten-minute intermission. A single play was written with six parts. However, there were always two characters that could be doubled up, thus allowing for only four people to perform the entire play.

An included Director's Guide contained factual information about plays and acting in the three eras. There were synopsizes for each play, the scene settings, simple tips for setting the stage and mood with music, how to include stage hands, and advertising and taking tickets. A list of characters, costume ideas, props, and tips for getting into character was also included. While it was possible to memorize the scripts' lines, it was mentioned that it was okay to simply read from the scripts.

For legal reasons, the theater kit included text in the Director's Guide that stated the plays could be performed without royalties by young people at home, schools and nonprofit organizations (provided that the latter two will not charge admission). Any other performance rights are strictly reserved and any inquiries for rights should be addressed to the Book Editor at American Girl.

The set was discontinued in 1994 as by then individual Theater Kits for other Historical Characters had been released.


Kirsten Larson

Home Is Where the Heart Is (Meet Kirsten)

Characters: Kirsten; Papa; Mama; Marta; Lisbeth Larson; Anna Larson.
Anna and Marta can be played by the same actor, as well as Papa and Lisbeth (with a costume change).

Samantha Parkington

Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Meet Samantha)

Characters: Samantha; Nellie O'Malley; Grandmary; Uncle Gard; Eddie Ryland; Mrs. Ryland.
Mrs. Ryland can be played by the actor that plays Grandmary. Eddie and Uncle Gard can be the same actor with a costume change.

Molly McIntire

War on the Home Front (Meet Molly)

Characters: Molly; Linda; Susan; Ricky; Dolores; Mom.
Susan and Mom can be played by the same actor, as well as Linda and Dolores.

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