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American Girls Paper Dolls.

The American Girls Paper Dolls is a set of paper dolls focusing on the first three released Historical Characters. It was released in 1990 and retired in 1992, and was also part of the Portfolios of Pastimes collection.


The paper dolls came as a staple-bound book; all three dolls were drawn by Renée Graef. The three paper dolls--[[Kirsten Larson]Samantha Parkington, and Molly McIntire--were drawn facing forward, dressed in historical underwear; they came on thick cardstock and were able to be punched out. The dolls had short character bios on the reverse

The first interior pages discussed paper dolls as applied to each historical era represented. Nine outfits for Kirsten, nine for Samantha, and ten for Molly[1] (based on their Central Series books) were included along with selected related accessories; these needed to be cut out from the pages. Each accessory and outfit was marked with numbers on the tabs or back so as to be able group the sets together. Minor information about each outfit was included on the reverse, mostly in relation to the character's stories. Outfits needed to be slashed in spots to allow characters to "hold" smaller accessories.

A small accessories envelope was included on the back cardstock page, along with a cover for the story pages (so that they could be stapled into a book) and the stands for each doll. The back cover gave instructions on how to tape or glue the edges of the empty book cover together to make a storage envelope for the dolls, staple the story pages into a story volume, and make and use the smaller included accessory storage envelope.

The set was discontinued in 1992 as by then individual paper dolls for each Historical Character, including Felicity Merriman, had been released.

Outfits and Accessories Represented[]

Kirsten Larson[]

Kirsten is dressed in her Flannel Underwear.

Samantha Parkington[]

Samantha is dressed in her Lacy Whites, minus the stockings.

Molly McIntire[]

Molly is dressed in underpants and an undershirt.


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  1. Molly is additionally given her Miss Victory Costume where the others are not given additional Winter books outfits.
  2. Closely resembles the Tea Dress.
  3. Held in arms on the Peppermint Dress