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American Girl Wiki News: Read All About It!
October 1, 2019 / The New Fall and Winter Release
A lot of new items have released for American Girl across almost every line, and several changes have been implemented for purchasing.
One of the biggest changes is that the prices of dolls have dropped across the board. All 18" dolls are now $98. Truly Me dolls now come with the book Friends: Making Them and Keeping Them.
Furthermore, the Historical Characters have shed the BeForever branding. The new books for the first six characters to be revamped--Kaya, Rebecca, Nanea, Maryellen, Melody, and Julie--have illustrations (returned for Rebecca and Kaya, updated for Julie, and new for Melody, Maryellen, and Nanea) but are now abridged. Please see each book's article for details on what had been added or removed. Also, all pets have been revamped and now have button eyes.

A new gift option is available: the customized gift experience. With this a doll is selected--using a quiz about the recipient that narrows down options, but any doll may be ultimately selected--and then a Starter set or Gift Trunk may be purchased of varying cost.
The Starter Set includes the following:
  • Choice of doll
  • One book related to doll
  • Choice of one play pack
  • Personalized letter to gift recipient with envelope
  • Optional free Ear Piercing
  • Added on Hearing Aids
  • $5.00 AG Rewards certificate for future order for Rewards members

The Gift Trunk includes the following:

  • Choice of doll
  • One book related to doll
  • Choice of two play packs
  • Personalized letter to gift recipient with envelope
  • Optional free Ear Piercing
  • Added on Hearing Aids
  • Premium storage container
  • First-year wellness visit through American Girl Hospital
  • $10.00 AG Rewards certificate for future order for Rewards members
Both options come with free shipping and handling. Non-members must sign up within three days of purchase to be eligible for the Rewards Certificate.

On to the new things.
For Historical Characters:
For Truly Me:
Smart Girl's Guide Kits (these come with the book, items and a choice of one of six modern-dressed mini dolls):
For WellieWishers:
For Bitty Baby:
Nethilia, The Admin
July 22, 2019 / Holiday Limited Edition Outfits
Nutcracker Snow Queen, Clara, and Prince

A Special Preorder for Gold and Berry Members!

Gold and Berry members of the AG Rewards program may pre-order the Nutcracker-themed Nutcracker Snow Queen Outfit and Nutcracker Prince and Clara Outfit Set, which are limited numbered sets of 10,000 and 5,000 respectively for 18" dolls. Preorders are open until July 31st. The sets will be shipped by August 16th and not be available outside of the pre-order before October 1st. There is a limit of three per customer.
Nethilia, The Admin
July 9th, 2019 / Changes to the AG Rewards program

Berry Level!

A new overhaul of the AG Rewards program launches today. The most prominent change is that each tier is reached by dollar amounts spent annually, not points accumulated per year.
Furthermore, each reward level will have its own unique annual reward certificate gift. Berry level members also will not have points expire as long as the level is maintained.
Until July 31st, the first purchase under the new rewards system will earn two times points on current levels.
More information is available on the article page, with full legal information available via reading the terms and conditions on the AG Rewards website.
Nethilia, The Admin

Older News
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Hot Topic of 2020

Meet Blaire Wilson!

Blaire Wilson is the 2019 Girl of the Year! She helps her family run a bed-and-breakfast in upstate New York.

Read more about Blaire on her article page!
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New Product Spotlight

Take a peek at Blaire's Casual Outfit!

Blaire's latest addition to her collection is a comfortable dress with tights, boots, a headband and a scarf!

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