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User:Talk Page Use

In accordance with the policy on personal User Pages, you are more than welcome to fill out your user page any way you wish. Rules are different on talk pages, however. The policy is very simple:

User pages are not personal message boards.
Do not use them as such.

For those who wish to communicate on American Girl boards and forums, there are several to choose from and enjoy. People are also welcome to email each other or communicate over various direct messaging methods over various social media apps (such as Discord, Instagram messages, etc.).

Therefore User:Talk pages should not be used for personal messaging or communication irrelevant to the topic. Please make sure all messages left on pages are relevant to the project and communication about it. Anything considered irrelevant, such as personal messages or chatting about one's dolls back and forth, is subject to removal.

The only personal greetings allowed are the formatted Welcome message that admin leaves at the top of pages.

Also, do not delete information off your talk pages. They are a record of conversations.

But isn't my Talk Page mine?

Long story short: NO.

Your Talk page isn't yours. Nothing on a Wiki is yours alone. The user pages are given to you as a somewhat personal space, but they can be edited by another person and don't belong to you alone.

Given that User:Talk pages are a record of conversations, warnings, and the work on the project--no, you CAN'T delete anything off your talk page. It's not your personal space. It's your page for messages and discussions regarding the project.

If an admin sees any deletion of user talk conversations that are not being archived in some way, the editor will be placed on a two-week ban from all editing.

The only exception is if you see blatant trolling or vandalism, which you may take care of.