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Don't publish hearsay: it's bad news!

American Girl is an active, 30+ year old business with constant new items. There are regular releases, re-releases, new items, new characters, new books, and/or new details. This means that leaks happen often, especially when people obtain items early or off online auctions from secondhand sources.

However, the American Girl Wiki has made it our policy to not allow any information on any topic from any non-legitimate non-verified, fandom based sources. The only information we accept are from sources that can be verified. Verified sources include:

  • American Girl itself, through its own outlets (e.g. American Girl posts a leak image of a new character on their Instagram account or does a Facebook Live, or sends out catalogs to users)
  • Confirmed sales locations, such as images that can be verified as sold through stores (e.g a Costco bundle when it is on the shelf)
  • Legitimate books sellers (e.g. A listing of a new book on along with publication dates)
  • News outlets/Media sources who have received press releases or early product (e.g. a display of Melody prior to release through CBS)

We don't allow rumors, leaks, hearsay, speculation or third-party and/or unverified sources. Some examples of third party, unverifiable sources:

  • A person purchases an unreleased piece of clothing that is factory second from China, and posts images of the outfit online.
  • A fan page and/or social media account shows unreleased images of the packaging of an unverified product.
  • Images appear of stock images through searches across the internet if AG has not released the images yet. Until AG themselves release the images, they are not verified. Even if they are direct stock images.
  • A person says they have an "inside" leak from an American Girl employee or store clerk, citing which Truly Me dolls will be retired next.
  • A search for registered trademarks online, which may reveal early names or trademarks applied to through American Girl. While there is a possibility of being legitimate, many companies make trademarks on items that may go nowhere.
  • A YouTube reviewer gets product of an upcoming release before full release, or a person goes to a prerelease party and takes pictures of upcoming product. Legitimate, perhaps. Verified? No. YouTube is not a source unless it's AG's account--and furthermore, we discourage fandom sources.
  • An "influencer" on Instagram posts unboxed items a week before a new line launch. The stuff might be legit, but the Wiki doesn't want to promote any influencers, no matter what they have that's legit.
  • American Girl releases speculative information about an upcoming product, but no other information has been released other than a light announcement e.g. "we've got something new coming in Fall 2021 for the 35th anniversary!" If there is not enough information to write a non-speculative article with specific details and it's merely a repeat of things stated on the news pages, then the article is speculation.

So, for example, if the new Girl of the Year has leaked via images of the back of a package on a fan-run account? That's not legitimate. If a YouTube account gets stuff before official release? Doesn't count, even if it's true. If American Girl does, however, on Facebook Live? That counts.

We as a wiki won't put up anything about anything--not even a starter article--until we have something more official than hearsay and fandom. No speculation or "news archive" articles are allowed for lines, products, or characters that are unreleased. This is not only to protect us as a fan site, but to protect you from unfounded rumor and misinformation. The news page is good enough until more details are released.

Just be patient. Better to wait and be right than jump and have to retract. We don't care about being first. We care about being right.

If you post leaks, we'll ban you for six months on the first offense. Because we're not playing. That should give us enough time to get real news instead of something off a teen-run Instagram account or have to deal with speculation, and you to learn your lesson.

--Nethilia, admin