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About American Girl

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American Girl is a company that sells various dolls, the initial offering being historically focused 18" dolls and books, and accessories, and was one of the first companies to offer the 18" style of companion dolls.

The company's flagship line is a collection of historical 18-inch dolls spanning from early Indigenous populations to the 1980s. The characters, representing preteen girls, have stories taking place in variant times in American history and provide a child's perspective of life and various significant events that helped to shape the United States, as well as changes in society, personal life, and outlook.

The company later expanded to include other lines. The current lines are historical characters, modern dolls, custom dolls, limited edition Girls of the Year, baby dolls and early elementary girls.

Discontinued lines include dolls from other countries and time periods, bears, miniature dioramas, other historical fiction, a previous line for early-education students, contemporary fiction, long term modern characters, movies, toddler/preschool twins, and two company magazines, American Girl Magazine and Imagine Magazine.

The website at is both the most comprehensive catalog of currently available products and an advertising and interactive site where online games can be played, character information can be obtained, and some information researched (and the former hub of the defunct online network Innerstar University.) There are also several boutiques to purchase items in-person nationwide.

Mission Statement

So, what's this wiki about? Pretty simple. The point of this project is to provide an open and honest database of knowledge about American Girl, its characters and stories, and its products in as timely and accurate a manner as possible. Too much basic and in depth knowledge about the company and creations were, at the time of the Wiki's launch in 2008, unavailable in a wiki-style format; data was either across individual websites with haphazard updating or contained in closed or off-limits forums that were not easily accessible through common searches, meaning that people outside of those small circles were left in the cold to research on their own. Sites were full of variant opinions, generally biased towards older products released before the Mattel purchase. What fan sites existed tended to focus on product lines only with little depth into the characters and stories themselves.

Anyone should be able to hit up their favorite search engine and locate a site that allows them to learn fully about American Girl's company, history, and data. That's what a good database is about--open knowledge for anyone and everyone outside of small circles. Every good fandom focus should have an open database. This wiki exists to allow anyone who wants to research American Girl or old enough to contribute to the knowledge to do it freely, without feeling that they are tied to a single board or multiple websites.

We also strive to be the most up-to-date database on new American Girl items as they are released, and list up to date on releases. We might not have a lot about Items Released in 1989 yet, but when it comes to Items Released Last Week--we're on it like whoa!

We expect intelligent, mature editing on all topics and thorough descriptions, without bias or speculation; however, we will discuss social justice issues in trivia and controversies across products or items. We do not engage in rumors, leaks, or wild speculation, and all our information is best confirmed through official news outlets or thoroughly vetted sites.

So now that you know, Read the Rules and Jump on in!

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