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These rules aren't fast and hard, and can be changed. We're working on the Good Faith policy and we want to build a community of editors and maintain a database of news and information. But we still have to have some set things.

Fandom's Terms Of Use

Read and abide by the Fandom Terms of Use. These rules govern all of Fandom and if you are ever found in violation of their rules, we will report you immediately.

General Rules

A quick summary of this whole article: If You're Not Here To Help, You Will Be Removed.

We expect all editors to contribute in line with established processes, policies, and conventions. Need help, clarification, or support? Ask an administrator!

Just the Facts. Don't Play Around.

We're here to talk about the facts from the stories, dolls, products and company. We're not here to read essays on how others feel about releases or characters. If you hate Blaire's release? That's nice. But you don't get to edit her Wiki page to say you hate her (or that most collectors hate her; avoid weasel words).

Any personal statements things like "the Pre-Mattel version of this doll is better" or "this accessory set is plastic garbage" or "where is the quality" or "this doesn't look like a real facemold" or anything like that and we'll warn and/or block you. We can discuss controversies and issues--we are not expected to be utterly neutral about issues that come up--but you do have to be respectful, professional, and mature.

False information, lies, and other such vandalism will be swiftly removed and those who do it blocked immediately on the first offense for a month minimal; the level of vandalism can escalate the ban, up to and including permanent. Even on the first offense.

Follow Formatting Guides

We value Quality Over Quantity.

While things are articulated at our page with policies on article creation and formatting and image uploading and use, the short version is that it doesn't matter if you are the first to create an article, edit an article, or upload a picture. It matters if you are the first to create a GOOD article, edit it WELL, and upload PROPER images.

Drama Deposited at the Door, Please.

We highly suspect some people editing this wiki will not like other people editing the Wiki. In fact, we're sure of it. That being said, please keep drama to yourself. You come here for the edits and to help out. You don't have to like someone to edit. You don't have to like anyone. But you do have to behave.

This is Not A Fandom Hub

The AG wiki is a factual, collaborative community resource for the topic at hand. It is not a fandom hub. There's many places for that kind of interaction, and it's not here.

The AG Wiki is not a free place to advertise your related website, YouTube channel, Personal Pages and Blogs, social media account, Etsy shop, etc. Spamming links to petitions, unrelated blogs, photostories, Original Outfits or Dolls, YouTube Channels, etc. is grounds for removal and blocks.

We don't allow natter or open chatter on talk pages; see our policies on User-Talk Pages. Nor do we have or ever will have have comments enabled on articles, as they would inevitably devolve into the kind of inane chatter that we don't want to have here. There are to be no fandom pages or fan links in articles unless they have been vetted to be informative and helpful by admin, with last word of admin being final. There is to be no role-play anywhere.

We are not a webhosting space or a blog. We don't want or need pages, articles, or images about your original content. Be it your created dolls, your photostories, your crafts, your social media on main pages, your head canon, your playlists, your AU crossovers, anything you've made for your dolls, custom dolls (even if created officially) or anything else fan or consumer made. The pages on the modern dolls will never have a "listing" of users' dolls, or people will be scrolling for days and wasting time. If you would like to list your dolls or have things about you here, please make yourself an editor page by creating an account and list them there, but note that your primary purpose here is not enhancing your user page. Not to mention that any such vanity content can lead to further consequences and risks e.g. cyberbullying or harassment, especially if personal content is divulged. To sum it up, please leave any vanity stuff elsewhere, or if you must indulge, on user-space/editor pages. It's for your own good, trust us.

Be a Big Kid and Accept Editing

The essence of a Wiki is that stuff will get edited. This means that if you write a whole article on the plot of a book and someone comes and changes some things in it or removes sections that don't fit, don't get mad and don't cry about it. This is a Wiki, which means everyone should feel free to contribute without thinking they will upset someone--and that edits are going to get taken down, deleted, or removed if they're poorly done. Be a Big Kid when editing, and accept your edits may be tweaked, turned, transformed, or purged completely.

If you feel that we need to discuss things, that's what the discussion and talk pages are for. Disrupting the wiki with "edit warring" over differing opinions of a topic with another user or group of users is not productive and will get pages locked and users who attempt to circumvent locks blocked or banned. Do not throw tantrums if your edit was removed, revamped, or deleted. If your edits get removed, that's part of being a Wiki. Deal, and don't get mad.

Do not contact another admin to attempt to undermine admin warnings, edits, or corrections.

If you don't want your work edited, then editing a wiki is not for you. Create a blog.

No Bigotry or Harassment

Even though you are online, this is still a community made up of real people. Every good-faith editor is a person and should be treated as such.

No prejudice and bigotry. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism, religious oppression, or any -isms. Don't complain that American Girl is now "woke" or "kowtowing to social justice, cancel culture, and Critical Race Theory"--especially if you can't define those terms without being racist. Admin knows the dogwhistles.

Do not harass other users. If somebody asks you to stop posting specific content on their talk pages, respect their wishes. Admins may post as needed to correct users and cannot be told not to interact with others. Talk pages are not for open natter not related to the project (saying hi, discussing collections/opinions, or asking for or providing chains of personal/offsite links). As stated above, this is not a fandom hub.

Do not make personal attacks on other editors. If you need to criticize another user's argument or edits on this wiki, do so without attacking them as a person. Remain firm but tactful about errors and issues. Do not use bigoted language, including slurs which degrade another person or group of people based on gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ability/disability, etc.

Do not threaten anyone with doxxing, spamming, hacking, "exposing" etc. here or through other means such as e-mail or social media. Doing so is an automatic permanent banning.

No Non-AG Dolls or Products

You may discuss the following here: All and any things that are American Girl produced and/or Licensed. AG Historical/BeForever dolls and characters, modern lines, Girls of the Year, Bitty Baby, Bitty Twins, Hopscotch Hill, Girls of Many Lands, AG Minis, WellieWishers, AG Original Fiction lines, etc.

Therefore, No Off Brand Dolls. This includes but is not limited to: Life of Faith, Magic Attic, Karito Kids, Springfield Collection, Our Generation, My Life As, Maplelea, A Girl for All Time, or even other brands of Gotz dolls. No other types of 18" dolls. We only focus on authentic American Girl characters and items. A good resource for all types of 18" dolls is Just Magic Dolls or Dollation.

Amelia's Notebooks and Angelina Ballerina are mentioned under Miscellaneous Products, and will slowly be expanded as more information can be sourced within our guidelines. Götz and other brands or companies are included when discussing licensed products or background data.

No Rumors, Leaks, or Hearsay

We don't want anything that is a rumor or speculated. Old Prototypes of Mia? Yes. Leaked Hints about new GotY? No thank you. We're here for facts and until rumor becomes fact, it's not fact. And if we see anything about some doll coming out representing the 9/11 attacks, we'll probably eat your face.

See more at Rumors, Leaks, and Hearsay.

Write Like an Adult.

This Wiki is intended to be a good resource for any and all people who want to learn or educate people about AG. So write like you're writing for an audience to inform them. No netspeak, no gross misspellings, no illegible typing, etc. Try and be as articulate as possible without using your words to obscure. We don't expect everyone to be a novelist, but we do expect a certain level of grammar and skill; additionally, we don't want writing that is overly flowery, "purple", or particular.

There's no age limit for editing or usernames that don't violate the Fandom Terms of Use. We do however disallow editing from persons under thirteen or anonymous contributions. As Wikia is hosted in the United States and is therefore subject to U.S. law, COPPA privacy rules for children and minors apply.

Rule Updates and Enforcement

Rules and Policies will be clarified as needed with or without front-page announcement, announced in news when large or long changes are implemented (rather than clarified), and apply to all users at the moment of implementation.

Violations will result in warnings and bans/blocks, up to and including permanent blocks.