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June 27, 2022 / New Little Golden Book
The next American Girl Little Golden Book by Random House Books will be Grandma Are the Best! American Girl, about character relationships with their grandmothers. The book is due to be released January 3, 2023.
Nethilia, The Admin
June 14, 2022 / New Historical - Claudie
Amazon's website has put up a preorder listing for a new American Girl Historical with the name "Claudie." The book title is not fully confirmed. The release date is listed for August 23, 2022, and the book is listed as a hardcover book--potentially meaning that new books may start having hardcover versions.
We repeat ourselves every time information about a new product begins to emerge, but it always bears repeating. The Rumors, Leaks, and Hearsay policy here is very clear. We only accept official data from reliable sites, of which Amazon is considered one. Until official images and details are released, they are not to be uploaded here or even discussed. A character page is not created until a full name is available. Any and all attempts to post leaks, rumors, or hearsay for upcoming products--or start any articles before reliable information is available--start with a six month block on the very first offense.
source: : Listing
Nethilia, The Admin
June 9, 2022 / American Girl Dolls Inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame

Newest Members of the Toy Hall of Fame!

(I never put this in the news in November; it's a busy month for me and I forgot. That said:)
On November 4th 2021, American Girl dolls--along with the board game Risk and sand--were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame.
The National Toy Hall of Fame, established in 1998, showcases a wide range of toys that have inspired creative play in children and enjoyed popularity over a sustained period. Toys are celebrated year-round in a state-of-the-art exhibit at The Strong museum in Rochester, New York. Each year, the Toy Hall of Fame inducts selects new honorees from a pool of nominated items (both new and historic) with final selections chosen on the advice of historians, educators, and other expert individuals; each inductee exemplifies and shows how toys inspire learning, creativity, and discovery in children and beyond.
For more information about the hall and to see the list of previous inductees, visit the website at National Toy Hall of Fame.
Source: 2021 National Toy Hall of Fame Inductees Announced
Nethilia, The Admin

June 1, 2022 / The American Girl Podcast Network

Ten-Minute Mysteries

On May 24, 2022, American Girl launched the American Girl Podcast Network. The network has ad-free shows covering both all-new content and older stories. The network has announced three original shows:
  • American Girl Fan Club Launching July 13, the podcast will be hosted by two well know fans of American Girl, Sydney Paulson (on Instagram @5hensandacockatiel) and Kristen Washington (on Instagram @ag_4allages). The show will go into behind the scenes facts, trivia, and information about the creation and history of American girl and have guest interviews and insider information of upcoming things. For fans of all ages.
  • The Smart Girls Podcast: Launching Aug. 17, the podcast will be hosted by actress Shay Rudolph (Netflix's The Baby-Sitters' Club, The Present) and cultural expert/network producer Jess Weiner. The show will build on information from the Smart Girl's Guides series to help children in the tween range to navigate things such as emotions, mental health, and friendships and answer questions. Aimed at ages 7-14.
Two more non-fiction podcasts will launch later this summer.
The network is hosted on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, Google Play, and Amazon. Launch links and information can be found here: American Girl Podcast Network
Nethilia, The Admin, sometimes finds two posts easier when doing backdated news
June 1, 2022 / The Return of Molly (and New Things for Moddies)

Welcome Back, Molly!

Goodness golly, welcome back Miss Molly! There's also new stuff for Truly Me, Bitty Baby, and the WellieWishers--including a new boy WellieWisher, Bryant, in the lineup!
For the Molly McIntire rerelease, returning to Molly's Collection:
For Truly Me:
For WellieWishers:
For Bitty Baby:
New Options in the Create Your Own designer:
  • Butterflies and Unicorns Outfit
  • Butterflies and Unicorns Accessories
  • Fun With Fashion Outfit
  • Fun With Fashion Accessories
  • Win the Weekend Outfit
  • Win the Weekend Accessories
  • Relaxed to the Max Outfit
  • Relaxed to the Max Accessories
New things don't end old habits. We expect quality pictures, quality articles, and quality work.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 12, 2022 / American Girl Benefit Sale News
The American Girl Benefit Sale has announced its plans for 2022. The sale will happen starting July 14th and continue through July 16th or until all items are sold.
  • Purchasers are encouraged to register to participate. Registration is free through a Google form. People who have not registered will only be able to shop after registered users have made purchases.
  • Tickets will not be time staggered. All registered shoppers will be able to shop as soon as the sale begins.
  • Per-cart limits will be set for items and categories of items. All purchasers may, after purchasing, return and shop again to refresh the limits. Multiple orders will be combined before shipping or pickup.
  • Purchasers may choose to either pick up items or have them shipped.
  • In-person pickup will be in Middleton, Wisconsin, July 30-31 and August 6-7.
  • Shipping will be offered through a third-party shipping partner, who will determine shipping costs, contact purchasers for payment, and then ship items
More information and further details will be posted by June 15.
The registration form can be found at their Facebook page here.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 11, 2022 / American Girl Live Action Movies in 2022 and 2023
Mattel, Inc. has announced a partnership with HBO Max and Cartoon Network to release two American Girl specials, to debut in 2022 and 2023.
The first special will be about Corinne Tan and will premiere December 2022 on Cartoon Network, followed by a next-day release on HBO Max. American Girl: Corrine Tan (working title) will follow Corinne's book storylines, but age Corinne up to thirteen and her younger sister, Gwynn Tan, to ten. Miya Cech will play Corinne, Kai Cech her sister Gwynn, and Michelle Krusiec as their mother, Judy.
A second, currently unspecified special will premiere in 2023. Both specials will be produced by MarVista Entertainment.
Source: Mattel Sets 2 Live-Action American Girl Specials at HBO Max and Cartoon Network
Nethilia, The Admin
May 5, 2022 / New Releases for Spring, Part 2
More new spring-into-summer items have released, for Corinne's Collection and Truly Me.
For Corinne's Collection:
For Truly Me:
In Books:
Nethilia, The Admin
April 7, 2022 / New Releases for Spring
New items for select Historical Characters, Kira's Collection, and Truly Me have been released, including the return of Coconut and Licorice!
For Historical Characters:
For Kira's Collection:
For Truly Me:
Plush based on Modern pets: and Corrine's Dog:
There are also various grouped collections for spring; these have no discount, only advertise bundling the items together.
Nethilia, The Admin
March 18, 2022 / American Girl Audio Titles through Penguin Random House

American Girl Listening Library

Listening Library--a imprint of Random House Audio Publishing Group--will be partnering with American Girl to bring multiple books to audiobook listening, starting in June 2022. They will be partnering together to publish audio books from the Historical Characters (including books released by Random House and Central Series books), Girls of the Year (such as Corrine), World by Us, WellieWishers, and non-fiction books such as The Care and Keeping of You.
The first books will release June 7th, 2022, with over forty books available for purchase; further titles will be published in fall 2022 and Spring 2023 to be announced.
(Source: American Girl Comes to Audio: More Than 50 Classic and New Titles)
Nethilia, The Admin
March 13, 2022 / American Girl Los Angeles Relocation
American Girl Place Los Angeles will be moving to a new location, to open by the holiday season; a pop up location will be available in the interim, but no details are yet available. Until April 16th, items at the location will be up to 50% off. All sales are final, with no returns or refunds available. Dining reservations are available until April 13, 2022.
ETA: 4/8/22: A pop-up shop will open this May in the Westfield Century City Mall; this is also the new location come Holiday 2022.
Nethilia, The Admin

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Meet Corinne Tan!

Corrine Tan is adjusting to a new life with a new stepfather--she and her little sister, Gwynn, have always called Aspen home, but with a new stepfather comes many new changes. She's also the first Chinese-American Girl of the Year!

Read more about Corinne on her article page!
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New Product Spotlight

Take a peek at Corinne's Ski Outfit and Accessories!

Corinne lives in Aspen, Colorado, known for its skiing--and, with her new stepfather's wealth, is able to take up skiing lessons while Gwynn takes up skating.

Read more this item on the article pages!
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Consider the Following...
  • Early releases of Historical Collections only had the first three books with any related accessories and outfits and bedtime items and storage released in the fall with their debut, with the last three books and related items in the following spring. Kirsten, Molly, and Samantha didn't even have desks to start with!
  • The World by Us Line was designed in the wake of the 2020 Black Lives Matter Protests and Mattel's Commitment to Diversity.
  • The Birthday Girl Dress was released under two separate names; the 2006 version did not have the tiara that the 2005 version included.
  • Only Samantha Parkington and Kit Kittredge had books in the Friendship Fun Books series; no other characters recieved books in that style.
  • The American Girl Club offered various exclusive items that could only be purchased with a club account, such as the American Girl Club Fan Outfit and various charms.

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