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American Girl Wiki News: Read All About It!
June 3, 2020 / Two New Books in the Smart Girl's Series
Two new books are to be released this fall in the Smart Girl's Guides series:
Nethilia, The Admin
June 2, 2020 / Team USA Gear / Store Reopenings
While the 2020 Olympics have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Team USA is still being promoted. The following is now available:
These can be purchased by AG Rewards members only until June 4th, when they will be available to everyone.

American Girl Place Houston, Charlotte, and Orlando have reopened with limitations. Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions on the website.
Nethilia, The Admin
June 1, 2020 / This Week on the American Girl Library - Week Ten; The Thank You Heroes Scrubs and "Heroes With Heart" Contest
This week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are Julie: The Big Break, the accompanying teacher's guide, and Stand Up for Yourself and Your Friends.
Starting today, American Girl will be taking preorders for the Thank You Heroes Scrubs, which will be released in August; furthermore, for every outfit sold, American Girl will donate a doll craft activity book (totaling up to $135,000 in retail value), to the First Responders Children's Foundation, an organization which benefits the children of first responders and has expanded to include the children of those leading the fight against COVID-19.
Starting June 8th, American Girl will launch the "Heroes With Heart" Contest, asking children with the help of their parents to nominate a hero who has made a difference during the pandemic (such as medical professionals, essential retail workers, delivery drivers, etc.) American Girl will select five Grand Prize winners; the nominator will receive a $200 American Girl gift card while the honoree will receive a custom doll and outfit in their likeness. More details will be released on the 8th.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 22, 2020 / This Week on the American Girl Library - Week Nine
This week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are Maryellen: The One and Only, the accompanying teacher's guide, and A Smart Girl's Guide: Liking Herself.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 19, 2020 / MCM Sale to be Reconfigured due to Covid-19 Pandemic
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Madison Children's Museum Sale will be transitioning this year to online sales. (This is with permission from American Girl, as typically MCM does not sell online to avoid competing with American Girl. But nothing is typical right now.) They have a currently active survey on their Facebook page asking for opinions on how to facilitate an online sale, including possibilities for pick ups and shipping. No further information is available at this time.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 19, 2020 / Limited Reopenings
American Girl Place Dallas and Nashville locations have reopened, with limitations such as closed fitting rooms and requiring face masks if required by locale. Learn more at Frequently Asked Questions on the website.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 16, 2020 / This Week on the American Girl Library - Week Eight
This week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are two Historical Character Mysteries: Nanea's The Legend of the Shark Goddess and Kit's Menace at Mammoth Cave.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 14, 2020 / New Release - Cute At Heart and Travel
A new release focused on Truly Me has come out. It's focused on summer travel and trips, showing that the best-laid schemes o' dolls an' brands gang aft agley. Well, we can dream of future travel with:
Also, the price of AG dolls has returned to the $110 cost.
Nethilia, The Admin, will likely not travel this summer
May 9, 2020 / This Week on the American Girl Library - Week Seven
This week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are Kaya: The Journey Begins, the accompanying teacher's guide, Smart Girl's Guide: Digital World, and Spark: A Guide to Ignite the Creativity Inside You.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 3, 2020 / This Week on the American Girl Library - Week Six
This week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are Joss, Josefina: Sunlight and Shadows, the accompanying teacher's guide, and Your Happiest You.
The books from Week 1 have been put back on the site; it seems the removal was a mistake.
Nethilia, The Admin
April 24, 2020 / This Week on the American Girl Library - Week Five
This week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are Melody: No Ordinary Sound, the accompanying teacher's guide, and A Smart Girl's Guide: Understanding Families.
The books from Week 1 have now been taken down and no longer available in the library, indicating books will be available for four weeks. The full series will run ten weeks.
Nethilia, The Admin
April 19, 2020 / This Week (and Last!) on the American Girl Library - Weeks Three and Four / Image Sourcing and Quality and How Failure Can Get You Banned
Last week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are The Feelings Book: The Care and Keeping of Your Emotions and The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls.
This week's free books are two Historical Character Mysteries: Samantha's The Curse of Ravenscourt and Felicity's Lady Margaret's Ghost.
All previous books offered are still available on the site at present.

News being stated, we now have to delve into policy. Because people aren't behaving.
I, Admin Nethilia, have been into American Girl in the most technical sense since 1986 when I first saw the ads for the first three in Doll Reader magazine, and part of the fandom since 2005. I know about various websites, including, say, one that is about the History of American Girl that is in my saved bookmarks and compares variants of American Girl illustrations that were changed for Samantha, Addy, Molly, and Felicity.
The scans of said illustrations are easily identifiable from that site. Which means uploading them here after taking them from that site violates our policies against swiping from other sites.
This Wiki's been around for over a decade. You would think by now the fact the images aren't up here would clue editors into the fact that this must not have been done for a good reason.
If I or any other admin cannot reliably trust any of your illustration image sources, we will go through and purge them all from the wiki files. Which wastes our time and yours. And then block the offender to make sure we don't have to deal with this again.
Good Article Images and You! states that improper images will be removed upon discovery and result in bans. I must not have been clear enough. Let me be explicit.
Bans for uploading images that are sourced to other sites starts at a month and can be extended to upwards of a year. They can even become indefinite--aka a permanent block--if you've done this before and/or we have to waste long spans of time to remove the offending images from both articles and the file database.
If you can't scan images from the books yourself, then you can wait until someone can. No images at all actually is preferred to blatant image theft.
Nethilia (Stay at Home, wash your hands for at least twenty seconds with soap and water, and wear your face masks if you can't be socially distant)
April 10, 2020 / This Week on the American Girl Online Library - Week Two
This week's free books from the American Girl Online Library are Kit: Read All About It!, the accompanying teacher's guide, and A Smart Girl's Guide: Money.
Nethilia, The Admin
March 28th, 2020 / American Girl and Responses to COVID-19/The American Girl Online Library - Week One
A lot has changed in a month due to the worldwide coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Starting March 15, all American Girl Place stores closed. While initially only cited as until at least March 27th, by April 4th American Girl confirmed they will remain closed until further notice.
  • American Girl is continuing to ship items from their warehouses and take online orders. However, their warehouse is in Wisconsin and the state may lock down to non-essential business closures at any given time.
  • Starting near the end of March, American Girl opened the Stay and Play website. This site has tips and activities for at-home fun. This includes free digital copies of various books at American Girl Online Library.. April 1st released digital copies of Nanea: The Spirit of Aloha, the accompanying teacher's guide, and A Smart Girl's Guide: Worry.
We are not a resource for information on health, safety, and/or protection. For that, please look up information through reliable sources, like the US CDC or your local state or national government. Stay home, stay apart from each other, and wash your hands.
Take care of yourselves. It's scary out there.
Nethilia, The Admin, is staying at home.

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