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American Girl Tablet powered by nabi.

The American Girl Tablet is an American Girl accessory released in 2016 in collaboration with Nabi and retired in 2018.[1] Retail cost is $80.


Berry and white colored Android tablet with the following specs:

The tablet also comes bundled with more than 70 apps along with American Girl-themed content like videos and games featuring characters from the line, namely Isabelle Dance Studio, Grace Sweet Shop, Maryellen Rocket Rally and Scene Sounds. As with most children's tablets, it has parental controls built in and Google Play services.


  • It is essentially a branded variant of the Nabi SE tablet; Barbie, Fisher-Price[3] Hot Wheels variants of the SE are also available at the Nabi website. In addition, it is also possible to convert a regular Nabi SE to an American Girl edition (or any other variant save for the Fisher-Price edition) as ROMs are mutually compatible.
  • Following Mattel's discontinuation of all Nabi online services, and later the Nabi line as a whole, updates for several apps were pushed over-the-air disabling retired services and applications such as AG videos and apps which require a connection to Nabi servers. This left blank pages on the AG Life, Z.Crew and other AG-related content on the Kids mode app, and users are no longer able to download bundled apps through normal means.


  1. The tablet has since been taken off the American Girl store, but may still be sold elsewhere.
  2. 2.0 2.1 See talk page for details.
  3. The Fisher-Price tablet is a different hardware variant and is somewhat unrelated to the other editions.

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