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The American Girls Party Book (subtitled: You're Invited!) is a party planning book focusing on the Historical Characters.


The book included themed parties inspired by the released Historical characters at the time: Felicity Merriman, Josefina Montoya, Kirsten Larson, Addy Walker, Samantha Parkington, and Molly McIntire. Each girl had multiple themed parties with corresponding food recipes, party activities, and games; some recipes and activities were reused from the character Cookbooks and Craft Books.

Historical facts about parties and food were interwoven throughout the text.

List of Themed Parties by Character

Felicity Merriman:

  • Colonial Party:
  • New Year's Ball:
  • Plantation Picnic:

Josefina Montoya:

  • Fandango

Kirsten Larson:

  • Prairie Party
  • Barn Dance
  • Patchwork Party

Addy Walker:

  • Freedom Party
  • Stitch In Time Party
  • Summer Fair

Samantha Parkington:

  • Victorian[1] Party
  • Nutting Party
  • Painting Party

Molly McIntire:

  • Home Front Party
  • Summer Camp Out
  • Hula Party


  1. As titled, though inaccurate. See notes on Samantha's character page.