This article is about the product line. For information about the mini dolls, see Mini Dolls.

American Girl Minis (also known as A*G Minis or AG Mini Rooms) were collections of miniature rooms.


The A*G Minis line was released in October 2000. The basic setup consisted of a light box, that could include a clear shield for the front and a drawer to store small parts in. The sets were small and elaborate, targeted more towards older children. A complete room was around $178 (much more than a doll) and decor sets were about 20 dollars. Each set had wallpapers, furniture, lights, and other small details to make the room look realistic on a small scale, much like a doll house.

The line ended in 2003. Speculation is that much of the electric wiring was defective which either caused electrical shorts or failure to work. According to former employees, the line was discontinued following the purchase of Pleasant Company by Mattel due to the high cost of manufacturing.




  • Lil' Pets: small pets to display in the room
  • Lil' Extras: add-on items not part of any specific set.
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