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American Girl, LLC is the current, official name of American Girl.

Pleasant Company was the original name of the company for American Girl products. The company was started in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland, who retained ownership until she sold the line to Mattel in 1998. The company fully transitioned to Mattel ownership and the name American Girl in 2000, and the brand has been owned by Mattel ever since.

History of American Girl

See History of American Girl

Current Product Lines

American Girl currently produces seven active lines of dolls:

They also run the official American Girl Hospital and in 2022 launched The American Girl Podcast Network.

Retired Product Lines

The following lines, services, and/or products from American Girl have been discontinued:


American Girl has several physical stores, referred to initially as American Girl Place. These are the primary locations where items can be purchased new from the company without ordering from the website or catalog. Additionally, retired and discounted items could be purchased at the American Girl Outlet Store and Mattel discount store during their operations.

Charitable Affiliations

American Girl has, outside of Girl of the Year alliances, aligned with and donated to several charitable and non-profit organizations both directly and through the parent company of Mattel.

Former Affiliations

  • Girls, Inc was aligned for a year. American Girl sold rubber I Can Bracelets with funds going to the organization.
  • American Girl Fashion Shows were connected to local fundraisers per location, often children's hospitals.

Logos and Symbols

The American Girl Logos are symbols found on clothing, packaging, paperwork, books, the website, and other accessories. The major logo was redone when Mattel purchased American Girl from Pleasant Rowland and renamed the brand.

The full American Girl logo has the words "American Girl" in serif text with the star in between or in front of the words. The lowercase is are dotted with stars. This logo may be seen on a red background with white text, or on a white background with pink text, as well as in other solid colors on items. It is currently used on all packaging and websites, and several articles of clothing, and so is the most prolific logo of the company.

Abbreviated AG Logo (as seen on the rosin that comes with the Violin Set).

The abbreviated logo is the letters AG with a star in between or in front of the letters. It is normally seen only on clothing and accessories in small areas where a full logo would be too small, but has started to be phased out.

American Girl Star

American Girl Star.

The American Girl Star is a five pointed star with a thick outline, displayed with the top point leaning to the left at a slight angle. In places where a full logo does not fit, this logo is dominantly used; it is also used in patterns and on large logos.

American Girl Plastic Tag

American Girl doll clothing has, since about 2014, had places patches or attachments showing the full logo on at least one component, generally near a lower hem. This was initially done on Girls of the Year and included the character name.

On clothing, the logo was initially a sewn on patch that matched in color. In 2015, this was made into a metal oval with the imprinted full logo. Starting in 2017, the patch was replaced with a clear plastic oval with black text that attaches through two holes at the side.

Create Your Own Logo.

The Create Your Own logo is the standard American Girl tilted star, but is solid with a swirled pattern to mimic the whorls of fingerprints.

Bitty Baby Logo (2013-Present).

The Bitty Baby Logo is a tilted star with a stylized heart in the center, along with the text Bitty Baby in all lowercase serif text and the dot of the I in "Bitty" as an American Girl logo star. Frequently, the heart-star alone is used.

This logo is used frequently on various Bitty Baby clothing and accessories.

WellieWishers Logo.

The WellieWishers Logo is the word Wellie written in brown script/print mix with leaves on the W and dotting the I the front swirl containing a pink stylized tulip and the upper point in the W swirled into a heart shape, and Wishers in pink lower-case sans-serif font with the I dotted with a pink heart with brown radial lines.

The stand alone W is used as an abbreviated logo.

Older Logos

Pleasant Company Logo.

The Pleasant Company Logo depicted a silhouetted young girl laying on her stomach and reading, with a doll seated by her side. The girl is always darker than the doll silhouette. Often the text Pleasant Company was below in a box outline.

It could be found on the backs of the Historical Central Series that were released by Pleasant Company, packaging on items, and some clothing. The logo was phased out when the company was renamed after purchase.

American Girl Today Logo.

Example of AG girl logo on back of the Jacket and Cap.

The American Girl (of) Today logo consisted of a stylized, often multicolored pigtailed girl often with American Girl Today superimposed over the figure. (The Is are dotted with stars.)

This logo (and the stylized girl logo without text) was used on multiple American Girl (of) Today outfits, accessories, packages, plastic hangers and other items, including items such as Grin Pins and Miss AG Bear. The logo was phased out when the line name was changed.

Bitty Baby Logo (1995-2013)

Bitty Baby Logo (1995-2013).

The first edition of the Bitty Baby logo was a pink heart with green leaves. This could also be paired with the words Bitty Baby in all lowercase serif text in a periwinkle oval; the heart-flower logo served to dot the I in "Bitty".

This logo was used frequently on various Bitty Baby clothing and accessories until the revamp of the line in 2013, when a new logo was implemented.


United States and Canada

Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

Starting in 2017, American Girl launched a website dedicated to the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Majid Al Futtaim Leisure and Entertainment operated the MENA website, trading under American Girl. As of 2020 the website has been taken down and is no longer accessible, and both stores closed in early 2020. The listed social media accounts have not shown updates since 2019 and/or have been archived.