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The All Star Hockey Set.

The All Star Hockey Set is a Truly Me item released in 2019. Retail cost is $75.


Red helmet with face mask and chin strap.


White and blue jersey with red accents. Stars across the front. Fits on doll over gear.


Black hockey shorts with padding on the sides.

Shin Guards

Two white plastic shin guards that snap onto doll's lower legs.


Two white socks with red and blue stripes. Fit over shin guards.

Elbow Pads

Two red elbow pads that attach with Velcro straps.

Shoulder Pads

White shoulder pad that attach with Velcro on the arms and across the torso.


Two black skates that lace up. First American Girl offering with hockey-style blade.

Skate Guards

Two red rubber skate guards that snap on to each skate.

Hockey Stick

Blue plastic stick with black accents. American Girl name along the shaft and the star logo on the toe.


Red tape roll for wrapping the stick's handle and blade.


Two black hockey gloves with white palms and loops on each palm so the doll can hold the stick.


Red net with white netting.


Plastic puck with star logo.


Black hockey bag. Has the same Stars logo as on the jersey. All gear fits inside, except the stick.

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