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Agnes and Agatha Pitt are the young aunts of Samantha Parkington, though their closeness in age means the three act more like cousins.

Personality and Facts

Agnes and Agatha are Cornelia's younger twin sisters and, while technically the young aunts of Samantha, are close enough in age that they act more like cousins.

They are lively identical twin girls who are full of new-fangled ideas. They tend to be a little rebellious, mischievous, independent, and break Grandmary's rules of proper behavior, and Samantha notes that they turn Grandmary's quiet house topsy-turvy. They are from New York City and know all of the latest trends in fashion, toys, and ideas. They are free spirits, impulsive, and happy-go lucky. Their ideas, while new, are not often practical, logical, helpful, and get them into trouble most of the time. The small difference between the twins are that Agatha is much feistier. However, Agnes proved to be much more hesitant in the wilderness. Oftentimes the twins bicker between one another about ownership of ideas. They are often curious and always find themselves in places they shouldn't be. They have little respect for Eddie Ryland, and Agatha doesn't mind fighting him.

The two were in the wedding as bridesmaids, where Samantha was first introduced to them in the short story Samantha Saves the Wedding chronologically. However, in book release order they are first introduced in Happy Birthday, Samantha!

In The Books

Happy Birthday, Samantha!: A Springtime Story

Samantha Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Samantha Saves the Wedding

Samantha's Blue Bicycle

The twins excited at Samantha's riding and bloomers.

The twins are mentioned by Gardner over the phone; they are coming up with him and Cornelia one weekend to go cycling along with Samantha, and the girls are crackerjack riders.

When they arrive and see that Samantha is wearing bloomers, Agnes goes "Jeepers! Bloomers!" and Agatha sighs longingly that Samantha's lucky to wear them and she can't believe Grandmary let her do so.

In the Film

The twins are not cast in the movie. The name "Agatha Pitt" is used for Cornelia's young niece; her characterization is similar to her younger sister from the books, Alice Pitt.

Agatha is to be the flower girl for Cornelia and Gardner's wedding. During the preparations, Agatha plays with Cornelia's wedding veil and while twirling it around, it brushes against the oil lamp under the metal hair curler, catches on fire from the open flame, and is ruined.



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  2. Through the Edwards' adoption.