The Adventure Pop-Up Camper.

The Adventure Pop-Up Camper was a Truly Me accessory released in 2016 and retired in 2018. Retail cost was $185.


Magenta camper with blue walls and "wood" floor. Folds open from a trailer and opens in front with two doors. Left side contains a fold out bed. Middle has a bench with storage, and a kitchenette with sink, cabinet, fridge, and counter space. Slides up and down for storage. Right side has a stove with two pretend burners. Lavender and orange canopy attaches to side poles and a roof. Attaches to body of camper with velcro and back with loops and buttons. Side doors have a swirling blue floral design.

When folded, the camper has a luggage rack with white plastic poles. These all pull apart to become the support poles for the fabric of the tent. Tent fabric is orange, light purple, and dark purple. Mesh cutouts on sides. Clear plastic windows on either end of camper.


Pink, orange, turquoise and yellow ball lights on a green string. Non-functional. These can hang from the ceiling of the camper.


Various camping, nature, and "license plate" stickers.

Closed purple plastic Adventure Pop-Up Camper.

Closed Adventure Pop-Up Camper.


Magenta cushion to cover bench.


Plastic yellow and gray pretend flashlight that doll can hold. Non-functional.


Gray plastic frying pan with orange handle.


Gray plastic kettle with orange handle and trim on lid. Body of kettle has six orange flowers on it.


Metal spatula with orange handle.


Two plastic plates in green and white enamelware pattern.


Two plastic mugs in green and white enamelware pattern.


Two plastic bowls in green and white enamelware pattern.


Two metal sporks. AG inner star design inlaid at end of handle.

Compilation of small items with the Adventure Pop-Up Camper Set.

The small items in the Adventure Pop-Up Camper Set.


Plastic loaf of bread enclosed in a bag.

Peanut Butter

Plastic jar of peanut jelly.


Plastic jar of purple jelly.

Granola Cereal

Cardboard box of pretend granola.


Plastic jug of 2% milk.

Orange Juice

Plastic jug of orange juice.

Soda Can

Plastic can of Lemon-Lime Soda. Green attached straw.


Stack of two plastic pancakes with a pat of butter.


Transparent plastic bottle of pure maple syrup.


Cardboard box of pretend pasta noodles.

Pasta Sauce

Plastic jar of Italian style pasta sauce.


Round plastic spaghetti noodles, topped with meatballs.


Miniature copy of American Girl magazine.


Miniature "Happy Camping" brochure.

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