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Kaya's Deerskin Outfit.

The Adorned Deerskin Dress (later known as Kaya's Deerskin Outfit) was introduced to Kaya's Collection in 2002, modified in 2013, and retired in 2018. Retail cost was $26 and later increased to $28 and $32.



The first beaded version as the Adorned Deerskin Dress.

Fringed deerskin dress. Blue, white, and red porcupine quill trim at front top edge. Red and blue beads with elk's teeth attached in rows above waist and front of skirt. Velcros up the back.

The first version of the outfit had three rows of barrel beads as quill trim. In approximately 2013, the beads were replaced with three rows of embroidery and the outfit was renamed to the "Deerskin Outfit."


Deerskin calf high moccasins. Tied on with long cords.


Woven belt. Red and black triangle design. Velcros in back.


  • A special edition mini doll of Kaya wearing the Adorned Deerskin Dress and an abridged copy of Kaya's Hero was released in 2011 to celebrate American Girl's 25th anniversary.
  • A second special edition mini doll was released in 2016, the 2016 edition mini doll came with an abridged copy of The Roar of the Falls: My Journey with Kaya.
  • This was advertised with the Hat and Parfleche and Kaya's Foods.
  • Elk's teeth were valuable for the Nez Perce. They were often used to decorate women's dresses and other objects, and they showed that the owner had a good provider. Reference.
  • Animal products are simulated unless otherwise noted.