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The Addy Face Mold, also called the African-American Face Mold, was the second face mold created for the American Girl Doll line; it was first introduced in 1993.


The Addy mold, like the Classic Mold, has large eyes, two visible front teeth between the lips, and a rounded chin; the face mold differs in two major ways, the most prominent being that the nose is broader and more prominent in profile similar to the broadness of African American noses. The mouth is slightly wider with fuller lips, and the cheeks are fuller. There is a slightly more noticeable diastema between the teeth.

The traits are to more accurately resemble the features commonly associated with people of African descent; thus, this mold has never been used on a doll with light skin outside of its availability in the Create Your Own line.

In the Create Your Own system, the mold is described as "oval face with full cheeks and lips, oval-shaped eyes."

Dolls with the Addy Mold

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