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This article is about the abridged 2020 version. For the BeForever version, see Finding Freedom.

Addy: Finding Freedom is a bound, abridged book of the first three books of Addy's original Central Series. It is included with the Addy doll when she is purchased and available separately.

Stories Included

Changes from Finding Freedom

  • The front of the book has a map of the Stevens' Plantation (which is actually a picture from Welcome to Addy's World) as well as a return of the character portraits.
  • A paragraph on the table of contents explains that Addy's story is written in a dialect that reflects the way African Americans spoke at the time (an older form of Black Vernacular English), though not exactly (as it would be difficult to read). This also covers the truth that racial slurs that would have been used frequently for African Americans are also not included.
  • Any included illustrations of Addy's first "freedom dress" are changed from the cinnamon pink dress to the blue ribboned dress, with the exception of an illustration on the table of contents page that comes from the cover of Welcome to Addy's World.
  • While minor descriptions and smaller events within the text are removed (e.g. details about Addy in the cabin sleeping in "Whispers of Freedom"), no major plot events or stories are removed.

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